UV Lining Services

The Technology

Renoline uses the latest Ultraviolet Lining technology which enables us to provide our customers with leading edge no-dig drain repair solutions.

UV-cured CIPP liners are infused with a resin that only sets under ultraviolet light compared to traditional CIPP liners which are prepared on site. UV-cured liners are prepared in the factory and have a long shelf-life provided that they are not exposed to UV light.

We have the capability to cure from 150mm to 1200mm pipe diameters, lining single lengths of up to 200m at a time using the PROKASRO UV Curing System.

We only use the best liner materials and we work with our preferred supplier IMPREG offering a bespoke structural design and chemically resistant liner for any pipe diameter or depth.

The Liner

The Rig

The Benefits

  • Safe Install
  • Easy Install
  • Small installation footprint
  • Digitally monitored and controlled installation process
  • Significant reduction in traffic disruption, compared to excavation, hot water, or steam installation processes
  • Environmentally sustainable infrastructure
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • No steam or chemical run off/pollution

How it Works

Installation of Impreg liner
KASRO UV light source chain DN 150 – 500