• For patch lining 90° bends.
  • High quality multi-axle glass cloth for extra strength and better finish
  • Compact packaging
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective solution
  • 100% non-shrink silicate resin, minimum odour, non solvent

Chemical Datasheets

Chemical Mixing Charts

  • Kits available for 100mm Ø pipes upwards

Renopatch® Part A Resin cured with Renopatch®Part B Isocyanate is a high-performance 2-component urethane resin system designed to impregnate glass-fabric for fast patch repair of underground pipes by polymerization at ambient temperature.

Kits available for 100mm Ø pipes upwards

There are three variations:- 
– Renopatch Fast Fast curing speed
– Renopatch Standard Medium curing speed
– Renopatch slow Slow curing speed

– Low viscosity – wets out glass fabric exceptionally well
– Three speeds to suit different ambient temperatures
– High-strength on full cure

*curing speed is heavily dependent on circumstances of use and some experimentation may be necessary