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What is Renoline

The Renoline system is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption.

The new pipe material is similar to GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and in all cases will be superior in quality and strength to the pipe which it lines. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called ‘inversion’ using water or air pressure, fitting it tightly against the wall of the existing pipe. When the inversion is complete the new pipe (which is originally flexible) is now rigid, resulting in a strong, tough pipe tightly fitted within the existing pipe with only a minimum loss of cross section of approximately 6%.

The Renoline pipe is manufactured from a special dense impermeable felt and is designed and tailored to fit exactly the internal dimension of the pipe to be refubished. The thickness of the Renoline material can be varied according to design specifications required. 

We have a selection of three special resins systems – Polyester, Silicate and Epoxy with different curing times – suitable for various conditions and applications. These are impregnated into the Renoline liner

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At Renoline we pride ourselves on offering and providing a professional and comprehensive drain lining training service to suit each contractor’s needs.

Renoline can offer you a team of fully trained and certified drainage engineers who can attend sites to instruct on installations and if required, carry out difficult lining jobs for you.

Our engineers work on-site in real conditions on a day-to-day basis and have training for confined spaces. They are construction skills certified which is a legal requirement when working on a building site. Renoline can provide you with a wealth of knowledge in drain lining. We would never just send a sales representative to a site.

We can also offer free demonstrations and training in the comfort of our newly acquired 8000 sq ft head office in South London.

A visit to Renoline would give us the opportunity to demonstrate our expanding range of draining equipment and products such as the Scanprobe CCTV inspection systems, patch lining and our full range of tools.