The Micro Mk2 is our smallest inversion drum mounted on a trolley. It can be directed 90° to position the nozzle at a fitting angle for the shoot. The inversion drum is easy to move due to its low weight and size. It’s 400mm in diameter and is made in aluminium to reduce the weight. The trolley is robust yet slim enough to easily go through doorways or narrow spaces. The inversion drum can be lifted off and separated from the trolley. The handle is directed forward and locked into place making it easy to carry the inversion drum without the trolley. The inner surface of the drum is ceramic treated to make it smooth and safe for the liner inside. Two robust discs are mounted on the shaft inside limiting the movement of the liner and eliminating the risk of the liner getting stuck inside as it is rolled in and out of the inversion drum. The trolley is equipped with a holder for a Storz spanner on the side.

6″ F-150 Storz coupling for the nozzle

Storz spanner is included

Capacity: approx. 12m DN150 liner depending on liner type and amount of epoxy